Help Your Child Become Laser-Focused In Class & Reduce Careless Mistakes Significantly…

Without Added Stress Or More Tuition Class…

Only In Our BrainSmart Program Here!

Total Value: $290


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What You Will Get From Our BrainSmart Experiential Class 

BrainSmart Experiential Class

1 lesson x 1.5hrs [Worth $125 Value]

  • Improves concentration span & stamina so your child can sit for longer periods to complete their studies independently with minimal distractions

  • Sharpen observation skills for finer details where your child is able to check their homework more effectively and reduce unnecessary mistakes

  • Expand memory retention so your child builds a strong memory for capturing what they have learnt and reduce the need for repetitive drilling or learning

  • Increase speed of learning so your child can grasp new concepts faster and free up more time to develop their other interests & strengths

Bonus 1 [Worth $75]

Initial Brain Profile with Report (covers 5 Key Cognitive Skills)

To help you discover your child’s learning strengths and areas for improvements so you can better support your child’s overall development and maximize their potential

Bonus 2 [Worth $75]

Consultation Session with our in-house Brain Coach

To learn customised tips and strategies on how you can engage your child more effectively for better learning outcomes without straining your relationship with your child

Bonus 3 [Worth $15]

SuperFocus Activity Book

This digital book reveals 15 science-based brain-stimulating activities to boost your child’s focus skills for longer concentration span, reduced distractions and increased confidence for learning

Total Value: $290



Take A Look At What Other Amazing Kids Have Achieved After Attending Our BrainSmart Program!

"I knew there was an improvement based on how she can concentrate in class longer without shifting her eyes around...

And how she can memorize those “Good Phrases” for composition writing and definitely how she has been having lesser incidences of forgetting her homework or spelling test dates.

Most importantly, her attitude towards learning is very positive now.

She exhibits a whole lot more confidence when she’s tackling a new topic and she is very focused now."

—Jiahui, mother of Nicole

"After few months of attending ThinkersBox, I could see that Aarush was sitting for longer periods of time, finishing the task given and became more careful with his work.

I was no longer worried if he's attentive in the class because he could now tell me details of his day to day activities in school.

Thanks to ThinkersBox teachers who have been patiently guiding him and helping him become a more self motivated learner.

Now he's more confident and not stressed about increasing school work."

—Mdm Neetu, mother of Aarush

"ThinkerBox has absolutely opened up my eyes to the learning abilities of my boys.

Sometimes, we parents assumed our kids are not trying hard enough when they are not doing well in school. But the truth might actually be they are simply not equipped with the right skills to learn.

I cannot thank ThinkersBox and its teachers enough. Ash and Ayd have definitely leveled up in terms of their learning abilities over the course of a year. Because at the end of the day, exam results can only mean so much but a child’s innate ability to learn and to enjoy the process is more beneficial in the long run."

Kelvin Ang, dad of Ashton & Ayden

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